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Ziyad Soup Starter, Jameed Kishk Concentrate, Great For Cooking Mansaf, Mahashi, Fatta and Much More! 1.1lb (Pack of 24)

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Ziyad Jameed "Liquid Jameed" soup starter is made with sheep yogurt and is ready to prepare and serve. Jameed is often used as a sauce with chicken, lamb, beef or any meat including ox tails. Once the meat is cooked, empty the Jameed yogurt package into the bowl and boil, usually 1 cup of Jameed per 1.5 cups of meat. Add water to dilute to taste preference. Used as a base in several Middle Eastern dishes and as an integral part of many soup recipes.

The True Middle Eastern Flavor: Cook some of the most famous Jordanian dishes with this Jameed concentrate. Perfect for cooking Mahashi, Fatta, or the national dish of Jordan, Mansaf.
Ready to Cook: We know that making Jameed at home requires a lot of patience, but with Ziyad Jameed, you can remove all that waiting and cook mouthwatering dishes whenever you want.
Smart Packaging: Each pack includes two boxes so that you can use Jameed as per your requirements and the best thing is that if you need less quantity, you can use only one box, leaving the other box with all its freshness for the next time.
Ziyad, Since 1966: For over fifty years, Ziyad has been connecting families with the cherished foods of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. We bring you the authentic flavors at your doorsteps. Your Trust is Our Pride!