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Ziyad Shaker Premium Ouze Spice Blend, Salt-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, No Colors, No Additives, No Preservatives, 5.3oz

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Ouze is a beautifully aromatic dish originating in Lebanon that is often prepared for celebratory occasions. This Ziyad Ouze spice blend will take all the guesswork out of recreating this crowd pleaser dish! Ouze spice typically goes both onto lamb cuts that are cooked low and slow as well as the rice that is served with the meat which is then topped with roasted nuts and golden raisins. This dish is the perfect main course to serve at weddings, Christmas, Eid, or any other special event where you want to indulge and enjoy something unique with loved ones. Our spice blend is incredibly fragrant and authentic, meaning you don’t need to hunt down every single spice needed for Ouze. The 5.3oz shaker is perfect when cooking for weddings or if you like to prepare Ouze for all holidays. Our large dual sided shaker is great for controlling the amount of spice you’re adding to your dish.

Ziyad Brand Premium Ouze Spice Blend takes all the guesswork out of preparing the traditional celebratory Lebanese dish.
SIMPLE & EASY: Prepping for special events can be stressful but using our spice blend instead of hunting down individual spices is a no brainer.
AROMATIC: Beautifully aromatic, our Ouze spice mix is perfect for cooking your lamb low and slow and adding that nuttiness to the rice.
PREMIUM QUALITY: Our products are made of premium quality ingredients. We carefully select each ingredient and blend it with love and care, so you get premium quality products for your meals.
FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS: Since 1966, Ziyad has been providing families with the best quality products. Your Trust is Our Pride!