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Ziyad Shaker Premium Fish Spice Blend, Samke Harra, Salt-Free, No Colors, No Additives, No Preservatives, Lebanese Spice Mix! 5.3oz

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Samke Harra in Arabic translates to spicy fish, and our spice blend definitely delivers on that promise. This dish is popular throughout Lebanon but it is a specialty in the port city of Tripoli El-Mina where fresh fish is caught daily. Our spice blend has the perfect mix to get you started no matter how you’d like to prepare this delicious meal. Samke Harra has coriander and cayenne as the main spices and tahini and lemon juice are traditionally added as well to create a sauce with the spices that accompany the baked fish. Typically a white fish with mild flavor is used to let the spices shine and it can be served plated with sides or as a sandwich but this blend works great with all seafood. Whether you’re cooking a couple of cod fillets for meal prep or making a whole red snapper when you have company, Ziyad Samke Harra will deliver on flavor. The large 5.3OZ size is perfect if you’re cooking for a large crowd or if you’re frequently enjoying fish in your household. The dual sided shaker is great for controlling how much spice you want in your dish.

PERFECT FISH RUB: Ziyad fish seasoning blend is perfect for seasoning salmon, tuna or any other seafood. It gives your fish a smoky and savory barbeque flavor that makes you ask for more!
TASTY AND AUTHENTIC: Ziyad fish spice blend provides your fish rich and delicious flavor that it needs. Just rub your fish with this spice blend and let the flavor unleash.
PARTY BLEND: Let the party begin with Ziyad Shaker Blend. Flavor up your seafood with this seafood seasoning and enjoy. It's a perfect BBQ partner.
PREMIUM QUALITY: Our products are made of premium quality ingredients. We carefully select each ingredient and blend it with love and care, so you get premium quality spices for your meals.
FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS: Since 1966, Ziyad has been providing families with the best quality products. We connect you with the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines so that you can enjoy a truly authentic taste from the luxury of your home.