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Ziyad Shaker Premium BBQ Mashawi Spice Blend, Salt-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, No Colors, No Additives, No Preservatives, Smoky BBQ Middle Eastern Spice Mix! 5.3oz

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Mashawi refers to classic Arab barbecue dishes, roasted or barbecued meats are a staple in Middle Eastern cultures. Our smoky and savory mix will deliver the traditional flavor of meats cooked on an open flame, while giving you the option to prepare your dish whichever way you’d like. Mashawi can be found as a street food typically eaten on a pita or served as a main course when prepared at home. Enjoy Mashawi after your mezze and accompany it with potatoes, rice, or salad. If you want to get creative with it, our BBQ Mashawi blend would be an amazing seasoning to make your own BBQ potato chips with a Middle Eastern spin! The 5.3oz shaker is perfect when cooking for large parties or if you frequently enjoy Mashawi in your home. Our large dual-sided shaker is great for spooning out exact amounts or shaking freely onto your freshly baked chips.

PERFECT BBQ RUB: Ziyad bbq seasoning blend is perfect for seasoning chicken, beef or any other meat. It gives your meat a smoky and savory barbeque flavor that makes you ask for more!
FLAVORFUL: Ziyad bbq blend provides your meat rich and delicious flavor that it needs. Just rub your meat with this spice blend and let the flavor unleash.
PARTY BLEND: Let the party begin with Ziyad Shaker Blend. Flavor up your kebabs, grill meat, or use as seafood seasoning. It's a perfect BBQ partner.
PREMIUM QUALITY: Our products are made of premium quality ingredients. We carefully select each ingredient and blend it with love and care, so you get premium quality spices for your meals.
FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS: Since 1966, Ziyad has been providing families with the best quality products. We connect you with the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines so that you can enjoy a truly authentic taste from the luxury of your home.