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Ziyad Premium Ground Cinnamon Powder, 4.5oz

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Ziyad cinnamon powder is a natural spice free from additives and preservatives. We follow strict standards to source natural and authentic products, so you get the best quality products. Our cinnamon powder can be used to add flavor to your tea, coffee, or smoothies. You can also use it in cooking and baking for extra flavor. Its rich aroma and sweet n spicy taste would make your meals flavorful. Just open the jar and let the magic begin.

SWEET N SPICY: Ziyad Cinnamon Powder has a sweet and warm flavor. Just add to your hot drinks and baked food to add a spicy and sweet kick.
NATURAL INGREDIENTS: We carefully source our products to ensure you receive a cinnamon spice that delivers pure flavor and rich flavor full taste.
HEALTHY SPICE: Cinnamon is a very healthy spice. It is an important ingredient of almost every meal. So, cook your meals with cinnamon for added taste and flavor along with health benefits.
SOURCE: Cinnamon comes from the inner bark of a tree known as Cinnamomum. It can also be used as a food preservative.
PRODUCT OF ZIYAD: Ziyad has been providing families with the best quality products since 1966. We make sure that only the best products reach your house. Your Trust is Our Pride!