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Ziyad Large Medjool Dates Authentic Palestinian, Soft and Chewy, No Additives, No Preservatives, 2lb Box

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Medjool dates are also called "King of Dates" because of their large size. Its soft texture makes it easy to chew and digest. These organic dates are grown in Ziyad Family-owned farm in Jericho; strict procedures and high-quality standards allow us to bring this organic fresh fruit to your doorsteps. Use these raw organic dates in desserts, smoothies, or eating as a whole. If you don't like dried dates, try these fresh and juicy dates straight from the farm. Its naturally sweet taste would make you smile. Give it as a gift to your loved ones and foster your relationship.

FARM FRESH: Want to eat fresh dates? Enjoy Ziyad Medjool dates fresh from the farm. These soft and chewy dates are perfect for date lovers. Just chew and let its flavor dissolve in your mouth.
TASTE THE SWEETNESS: These fruit dates have a naturally rich and caramel-like taste, making them a naturally sweet and delicious candy. Use it in desserts, smoothies, or eat it whole.
HEALTHY AND NUTRITIOUS: These king-sized dates are high in fiber, nutrient dense, and loaded with minerals and vitamins making them a super food. Easily digestible and healthy for all.
PERFECT GIFT: Give this naturally sweet candy as a gift to your family and friends and bring sweetness to your relationship. Perfect for giving as a gift in Ramadan.
AUTHENTIC SOURCE: Our dates are hand-picked at the Ziyad Family-owned farm in Jericho, West Bank. We pick the best dates to ensure a deliciously sweet caramel flavor and soft, chewy texture.