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Ziyad Fine Roasted Green Wheat Freekeh, Frikeh, Farik Made from Green Duram Wheat, 16 oz

Freekeh (pronounced “FREE-kah”) is an ancient Middle Eastern cereal made from roasted green wheat. Cooked freekeh is similar in flavor, texture and consistency to both rice, farro and couscous, but it is much more nutritious. Try substituting this superfood for rice or couscous in all sorts of recipes–salads, soup, casseroles and more– to reinvent it as a high-fiber meal. You can also make freekeh flour by grinding the grains.

Healthy Grain: Freekeh (pronounced “free-ka”) is fire roasted baby green wheat. It’s earthy, nutty and delicious flavor enhances any entrée.
Superfood: Vegetarian, and vegan with NO artificial flavors or colors. Freekeh retains a higher content of dietary fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals than traditional wheat.
Versatile: Perfect for dishes like pilafs, soups, salads or even as a hot cereal layered with yogurt and fruit.
Easy to make: No need to presoak! Substitute in recipes that call for rice, quinoa, or other grains.
From our family to yours: Ziyad is family owned and has been providing families with the highest quality products since 1966.