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Ziyad Falafel Dry Mix, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, No Additives, No Preservatives, Great for Making Veggie Burgers and Snacks, 12oz (Pack of 24)

Want to eat falafel but don't want to bear the hassle of making it from scratch? Are you looking for some delicious vegan snacks that you can enjoy anytime? Then, we have got a perfect solution for you that we promise would make you delighted.
Instant Falafel Snack Mix:
With Ziyad instant falafel mix, you do not need to spend a ridiculous amount of time preparing a falafel mix. We have already done it for you. Just add some water, and you're set to make the most famous Middle Eastern Food.
Famous Falafel Ideas:
Make pita sandwiches, falafel tacos, burger patties for vegetable burgers, stuffed falafel wraps, and much more with this falafel mix. Season with Ziyad organic tahini or Sprinkle some Wild Garden Sauces to ramp up the flavor and enjoy mouthwatering falafel dishes at your home.
Ziyad's Promise:
Born out of a small bakery in 1966, Ziyad has grown into a family where people are connected through the food they love and the heritage they share. Our decades of experience enable us to provide you with the best Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Foods. We bring you the best of the best, so your every bite tastes more than just good.
“From our family to yours! Ziyad, Sharing the Food Heritage”

EATING FALAFEL MADE EASY: Are you just fed up with the labor it takes to make falafel from scratch? Then we've got your back. Ziyad Falafel mix is an easy-to-make falafel mix, just add some water and start frying.
MAKE YOUR SIGNATURE FALAFEL: This falafel mix has the perfect combination of spices that everyone can enjoy. Want to add something special to it, then don't worry; Add your special secret ingredient to give it your signature taste.
MOUTHWATERING FALAFEL IDEAS: Make falafel tacos, delicious veggie burgers, enjoy with spaghetti or pickled vegetables; The options are just unlimited! Drizzle some Wild Garden Tahini Sauce to make it extra special.
PERFECT FOR VEGANS & VEGETARIANS: Ziyad falafel is the best choice for those who keep away from meat but want to enjoy food to its fullest. This famous Middle Eastern Food would make you a fan of it.
THE ZIYAD'S PROMISE: For over fifty years, we have been connecting families with the cherished foods of the Middle East. Our family has traveled far and wide to rediscover the best Middle Eastern taste and bring it to your family. From our Family to Yours! Ziyad.