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Wild Garden Ready-To-Go Gourmet Turkish Taouk Marinade, Authentic Recipe with No Additives, No Preservatives, Bold, Flavorful, Perfect for Grilled Chicken, Shish Tawook, Kabab! 6oz

Wild Garden Turkish Taouk Quick Marinade brings an exotic burst of flavor to chicken with a delectable blend of premium sourced Mediterranean spices, cumin, garlic, tomatoes, oil, and citrus. Our authentic marinade is inspired by the centuries old Shish Taouk (Tawook), a tender kebab dish widely eaten in Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq. Taouk will help you UP your grilling game and become the ultimate grilling master. You’ll be able to create mouthwatering meals in just minutes. Our Quick Marinades are easy to use, simply marinate meat for 10 minutes, skewer, and grill! Enjoy as a sandwich with warm pita or on a platter with skewered vegetables.