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Nestle Nido Milk Powder, Imported from Holland, Specially Formulated, Fortified with Vitamins and Minerals, Easy To Prepare, over 12 months, 2 lbs

NIDO A History of Family Traditions:
For more than 70 years, Nido has been providing milk and milk-based products worldwide. With focus on providing nutritional values for growth and development, Nido has been trusted by mothers around the world for the nourishment of their children. When you buy NIDO, you don't just buy milk but also nutrition backed by the latest science and innovation.
Fortified with Minerals and Vitamins:
We understand how important it is to provide the necessary nutrition to children for their growth. Nido dry milk is fortified with vitamins and minerals that help children develop stronger and healthier bones and teeth. This tasty nutritional milk beverage is an excellent source of calcium for children one and above.
Being shelf-stable powder milk, Nido can be stored for a long time and enjoyed whenever required. With this shelf-stable milk in your pantry, you do not need to go out daily to buy milk. You can make it instantly with Nido milk powder at your home.
Great for Outdoors:
Take this dry milk powder wherever you go. Perfect for making a cup of tea or coffee during picnics or a nutritious cup of milk for children. So, with NIDO, nutrition goes wherever you are.
Along with providing nutrition to children, NIDO also serves tons of other advantages. Let's talk culinary with a NIDO twist. This superior baking ingredient is a must-have part of every pantry. Use it for baking cakes, muffins, or delicious smoothies and enjoy nutritious baking.Rich in Nutrition: For more than 70 years, NIDO has been the choice of mothers worldwide for their growing children. It helps your children to develop stronger and healthier bones and teeth. Not suitable for babies under 12 months.Shelf Stable Milk: Nido whole milk powder is a must-have pantry staple that every home needs. This shelf-stable milk can be stored for extended periods of time, so it's not wrong to say that it's a Long-Life milk that can be used anytime, every time.TastTasty & Delicious: Add four tablespoons of Nido dry milk powder to 8fl. Oz of warm water and make your delicious cup of milk. You can also adjust as per your taste to fulfill your milky needs. Make a healthy cup of milk with Nestle Nido and enjoy!
Great Creamer for Tea or Coffee: Nestle Nido is a perfect creamer for tea or coffee. Stir it into a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy its creamy texture and richness. Blends perfectly in both hot and cold beverages.
Choice of Pastry Chefs: Nido is a must-have choice for every pastry chef. Superior quality and rich texture make it stand out from other evaporated milks in the market. Because of this, it is used in baking by chefs worldwide. It’s worth it!
Perfect for Cooking and Baking: Make a cup of hot tea or coffee for your family or add it to your baking; it's a perfect tastemaker. Use this powdered milk in your cooking and baking to create superb recipes because it's worth it.