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HB Halwani Bros Cookies,100% All Natural Assorted Finger Mamoul Date Filled Shortbread Biscuits, Slightly Sweet, No Additives, 20ct. 10.58oz

HB Halwani Bros Ma’amoul Finger cookies are a whimsical take on the classic date filled cookies. They are made with date paste and a classic shortbread crust but this time in a slender shape made for dipping. With only 5 simple ingredients and no artificial flavors, you can count on this to be a cookie you feel good about. This is traditionally a treat used to ring in the end of Lent or Ramadan but reimagined to perfectly accompany your tea or coffee. They’re individually wrapped for minimal crumble and perfect for a communal coffee station or for a goody bag. HB Halwani Bros- Providing high quality, delicious taste, and competitive prices since 1950.

HB Halwani Bros Ma’amoul Finger Cookies are delicate shortbreads filled with date paste.
These finger cookies are amazing for when you want to switch it up from your regular biscotti, dip these into your cappuccino or latte instead.
The slim shape of these cookies are perfect for dunking. They’re also individually wrapped making them a perfect addition to an office coffee station.
At only 70 calories per cookie, you can go ahead and have a second cookie without giving it a second thought.
No artificial flavors or preservatives, only 5 clean ingredients: wheat flour, dates, butter, sugar, and yeast.