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Castania BBQ Lebanese Mixed Nuts, Regular Mix with Peanuts, Pumpkin Seeds, Corn, and Chickpeas, 10.6oz (Pack of 4)

Castania REGULAR MIX is a fun assortment of regular peanuts, coated peanuts cooked up Lebanese style, chickpeas, corn, and pumpkin seeds. Each component is uniquely chosen and perfectly seasoned to give you sweet and tangy barbecue flavor and a wonderfully crunchy texture. You can bring this convenient purple pouch anywhere you go and the Fresh Seal Pack ensures that the freshness remains long after you’re done snacking. This mix is low in sugar, has 0g trans fats, 0g of cholesterol but plenty of healthy fats from the peanuts and seeds to keep you satisfied.

Castania REGULAR MIX is a simple assortment of traditional Lebanese style coated peanuts, dried chickpeas, corn, and pumpkin seeds.
GOURMET NUTS: Each component of this mix was specially selected and perfectly seasoned to have a smoky barbecue taste and crisp and crunchy texture.
FRESHNESS ENSURED: Our freshness locked pack ensures that you always get fresh and crunchy nuts to enjoy. Eat as many as you want and then reseal the pouch to ensure long lasting freshness.
SNACK PACK: Enjoy this ready to eat snack whenever you want. Take it along your journey, enjoy on a picnic or watching movies. These deluxe nuts are just fit for every occasion.
ON THE GO POUCH: The pouch is much less bulky than a can and can easily be thrown into a backpack or purse for easy snacking on the go.