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Buram Gourmet Honeycomb, 100% All-Natural Raw Honeycomb from the Turkish Mountains, No Additives, No Preservatives, Sweet N Chewy, 7.1oz

From the Eastern Highlands of Turkey, an untouched place with more than 1200 species of flowers, we bring you a miraculous gift of nature in the form of Honeycomb. Loaded with the sweetness of nature, this natural honey with honeycomb is truly nature's miracle. You can enjoy it with desserts, salads, waffles, pancakes, and much more. Packed inside hard boxes and carefully sealed to ensure safe delivery and freshness. So, enjoy raw honey with Buram Honeycomb.

NURTURED IN NATURE's LAP: Buram honeycomb comes from the Eastern Anatolian Highlands, a place that's far away from the modern industrial world with lush green vegetation. So, enjoy this All-Natural honeycomb straight from the nature.
WILDFLOWER HONEY: Bees make this honeycomb from the nectar of wildflowers in the highlands of Turkey. This edible honeycomb is rich in taste and loaded with health benefits.
PACKED WITH CARE: Each honeycomb is cut by farmers by hand and carefully sealed inside the box to ensure that you get a fresh honeycomb delivered to your doorsteps.
SWEET N' JUICY: Deliciously baked waffles with honeycomb topping, beautifully decorated pancakes with honeycomb chunks, or sweet fruit salad with an added honey flavor; what a way to enjoy honeycomb! Just open the box and make your food sweet and special.
REAL HONEY WITH COMB: Enjoy the wondrous sweetness of real honey straight from the comb. Try out Buram 100% Pure Bee Honey with Comb. Buram, The Sweetest Delight!