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Zwan Luncheon Halal Meat, Chicken, 29.5 Ounce

Zwan Chicken Luncheon Loaf is ready to eat out of the can, seasoned to perfection, and it’s Halal! It is sure to become one of your pantry staples. Known for its Zwanderful Taste, take it out of the can, slice it and eat it on a sandwich or slider. The salty, savory flavors in this luncheon load really shine when it’s fried, the sizzling, crispy pieces will make just about any dish extra special. Delicious served with eggs, fried rice, mac n cheese, or use it to make a Halal version of the popular Hawaiian snack known as musubi!  A simple addition to many meals, Zwan Chicken Luncheon Loaf, is shelf stable, perfect for emergency preparedness, food banks, and feeding a large group when camping. Each of our products passes through strict quality checks so that you get delicious and healthy canned food for your loved ones.

YUMMY TUMMY: Get ready to taste a mouthwatering combination of chicken meat in a flavorful pack. Fill your hungry tummy with this yummy meat and feel the happiness.
GET SET EAT: Get your hunger go away with this instant food solution. Just open it up and let the magic begin. Getting Hungry at Midnight, then don't worry, Zwan luncheon meats are there for your tummy.
BE A CHEF: Put on your apron, and let's get cooking. Ramp up your salad, make burger patties, season up your pasta or eat it simple; This delicious meatloaf is perfect for every dish.
STAPLE FOOD: This classic luncheon loaf is a must-have pantry staple. Upgrade your pantry with this juicy meat loaf and prepare tasty meals whenever you want!
PREMIUM QUALITY: Taste the quality with Zwan canned meat. We select the best ingredients and artfully blend them to provide you balanced and healthy food at your doorsteps.