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Ziyad Shaker Turkish Baharat Spice Blend, No Additives, No Preservatives, Herbaceous Turkish Spice Mix! 5.3oz

“Baharat” in Arabic translates to a general spice blend, as each region has their own version of this. Turkish Baharat however can be characterized by its addition of mint to their spice blend which adds a wonderful depth of flavor as well as a brightness that some blends may lack. Our Turkish Baharat is great for chicken, beef, lamb, fish, vegetables and even stews. It works as a rub, a marinade, or even as a last minute flavor booster before serving your dish. The large 5.3OZ size is perfect if you’re cooking for a large crowd and with such a versatile blend you’re likely to reach for it often! Our dual sided shaker, perfect for spooning out for a marinade or sprinkling just before serving to add extra flavor.

ALL PURPOSE SPICE: Use this artistic blend for bbq seasoning, marinating meat or in soups and stews. Works well with all proteins and also vegetables, brings a welcome depth of flavor to any dish.
PARTY SPICE: Let the party begin with Ziyad Shaker Blend. Flavor up your kebabs, grill meat, or use as seafood seasoning. It's a perfect BBQ partner.
PREMIUM QUALITY: Our products are made from premium quality ingredients. We carefully select each ingredient and blend it with love and care, so you get premium quality spices for your meals.
FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS: Since 1966, Ziyad has been providing families with the best quality products. We connect you with the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines so that you can enjoy a truly authentic taste from the luxury of your home.