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Ziyad Shaker Premium Citric Acid, No Additives, No Preservatives, 10 oz

Ziyad brand Citric Acid is food-grade, meaning its safe to use around the kitchen and home. It is naturally derived from Tapioca, not chemicals. Citric Acid is great for preserving food, but there are multiple uses for citric acid around your home. It is often used to descale hard water, create homemade cleaning detergents and dye yarn. Citric Acid can even be used to remove stains from your pool and to make Bath Bombs.

Ziyad Brand Premium Citric Acid Shaker Bottle is perfect for everyday use in your kitchen when you don’t want to squeeze lemon juice.
Can be added when canning fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes to help preserve the natural Vitamin C that’s found in foods.
When you want to prep your snacks but want them to stay fresh, mix this with water and toss your apple slices or bell pepper slices in it to prevent browning. This will keep things fresh without altering their flavor like lemon juice would.
As a natural flavor enhancer, this citric acid shaker will come in handy when making sour candies, ice cream, sourdough bread, lemonade or soda and so much more.
If you enjoy grilling, add a teaspoon of this to your favorite rubs and seasonings to make the flavor of your steaks and drumsticks so much more enhanced.