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Wild Garden Easy Squeeze, Green Herb Tahini, Great on Fish, Veggies, Sandwiches, and Mores! 9.9 Oz

Wild Garden Green Herb Tahini dressing & sauce is deliciously creamy, tangy and bursting with cilantro and jalapeno. It pairs wonderfully with fish, veggies, sandwiches, and more. Made with only healthy & real ingredients like an authentic blend of premium sourced Tahini (made of sesame seeds), jalapeno, lemon juice, and garlic. It can be used as a drizzle or dipping sauce also. Drizzle over toast, scrambled eggs, baked sweet potatoes, roasted veggies, grain bowls, hummus, and fries. Tahini is a flavor booster so you can instantly transform sandwiches and salads into mouthwatering meals bursting with Mediterranean flavor. Wild Garden believes that the world is connected through food. We pride ourselves on bringing the authentic flavors of the Mediterranean right to your kitchen table. We captured the most delicious and authentic flavors from the region into innovative packaging to help everyone share and enjoy the Taste of the Mediterranean at home.

DELICIOUS & TASTY: Enjoy the delectable creamy texture of seasoned tahini bursting with cilantro and jalapeno kick that brings out a whole new taste. Try it once, and you'll love to have it often.
MEAL MAKER: Ramp up your everyday meals with this tangy tahini dressing and bring the best out of your meal. Pairs wonderfully with fish, veggies, sandwiches, and more.
PERFECT FOR A VEGETARIAN DIET: Looking to add some extra flavor to your vegetarian diet, then drizzle some tahini with the green goodness of jalapeno and enjoy your toothsome vegetarian diet.
SAUCE TO GO: Whether you are on a picnic, enjoying your holidays, or on a long journey, this tahini paste would continue to make your meals delicious. Handy packaging ensures that it can be carried easily, and a special design makes sure that you get your desired quantity without any spillage.
AUTHENTIC FLAVORS WITH A MODERN APPROACH: Each of our sauces is made by chefs with a lifelong passion for food. We try to bring something new and flavorful for our customers to experience the changing food trends and live their AHA moments.