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Wild Garden Easy Squeeze, Garlic Aioli, Flavorful Dip & Drizzle Sauce for Sandwiches, Shawarma Wraps, Fries and Much More! 9.9oz (Pack of 6)

Wild Garden Toum is addictive, rich & creamy garlic sauce that is a daily staple in the Middle East. Tastes amazing on grilled meats, roasted veggies, falafel, and sandwiches. It’s made with an authentic blend of premium sourced garlic, lemon, and sunflower oil slowly blended to create a rich and creamy, dairy-free sauce. Drizzle over chicken kebobs, shawarma wraps, roasted veggies, grain bowls, and fries. Toum is a flavor booster so you can instantly transform food and sandwiches into mouthwatering meals bursting with Mediterranean flavor. Wild Garden believes that the world is connected through food. We pride ourselves on bringing the authentic flavors of the Mediterranean right to your kitchen table. We captured the most delicious and authentic flavors from the region into innovative packaging to help everyone share and enjoy the Taste of the Mediterranean at home.

VIBES THAT TRANSCRIBE: Enjoy the subtle blend of Toum with its sweet waves of garlicky goodness. This garlic paste would make your meals flavorful with loads of tang and creaminess of mayonnaise.
NOT JUST A CONDIMENT: When you buy Wild Garden, you buy more-than-a-condiment. Use it as a garlic dipping sauce, garlic spread, whip up a dressing, and much, much more.
DRIZZLE THE FRIZZLE: Drizzle some creamy garlic notes on your favorite barbeques and enjoy your meals to the fullest.
ALWAYS SOMETHING SPECIAL: At times, you open your fridge and say, "There's Nothing Special." But with Wild Garden Squeeze Bottle, you can turn that "Nothing" into "Something Special" coz it's not just a condiment, it's a meal maker.
SAUCE ON THE GO: Take this garlic sauce wherever you go and make your picnic or journey special.