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Wild Garden 100% Pure Raw Gourmet Honeycomb, 100% All-Natural, No Additives, No Preservatives, Fresh From The Farm! 7.05 oz Pack of 1

Our 100% Raw Honeycomb is freshly cut from bee hive frames, so youíre always getting honey in its purest and most natural form. Natural Honeycomb has an edible comb made by bees from beeswax that contains the liquid gold honey we all love. Itís naturally sweet and delicious so itís perfect for healthy smoothies, tea, salads, or eating straight from the comb. Our honey is made by bees from the nectar of flowers in the high altitudes of Turkey. This honey is the worldís highest quality: crafted with zero sugar, artificial flavors, syrup, or preservatives. Our bee farmers hand cut each comb, carefully place into easy-to-open plastic cases, and seal with security tape to lock in the freshness. Our honey lasts for years thanks to the natural properties of honey. Store in a dry place, if honey gets too cold it may crystalize, however it is still safe to eat. Simply heat it by putting the package in warm water. Ziyad brand has been trusted by families and chefs since 1966 and is dedicated to producing Quality Products, From Our Family to Yours.

ALL-NATURAL Premium Honeycomb is a delightful delicacy with the natural benefits of pure honey in an edible comb.
FRESH FROM THE HIVE! Our honeycomb is pure, raw, and unrefined; it’s as close to the beehive as possible.
VERSATILE A spoonful can keep you energized! Spread on toast, add to tea, drizzle on salads, or eat from the comb.
GREAT FOR GIFTS since so few people have tried this delicacy and it’s securely packed & shipped.
MADE BY HEALTHY BEES with sustainable farming practices for a thriving and sustainable bee community.