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Vimto Fruit Syrup Concentrate-Flavorful Fruit Cordial For Drinks & Tea, 25fl.oz (Pack of 12)

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REAL FRUITS: Vimto is a fruit cordial drink that contains real fruit juices and concentrates. It’s mixed into drinks to give it a special flavor and can be enjoyed in many different ways.
SWEET AS YOU LIKE: If super sweet drinks aren’t for you, Vimto is perfect because you get to choose how much you use, 3TBS is recommended to dilute per 1 cup of water, but you can do 2TBS or just one depending on preference.
One of the classic ways to enjoy this fruit concentrate syrup is to dilute it into plain water and serve over ice for a delicious and refreshing fruity drink, mixed into different seltzers to switch it up!
ALL SEASON CHOICE: This can be used in all seasons. Use it in summers as summer squash or tea flavoring syrup in winters; it works in all the seasons. Known as the beverage of choice for iftar, or the sunset feast, during Ramadan since it’s a delicious non-alcoholic option.
Vimto was founded in 1908 in Central Manchester. This “Vimtonic” was later known simply as the Vimto that we all enjoy today.