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Sultan Brand Foule Mudammas, Medium Fava Beans, High in Dietary Fiber, No Fat, No Cholesterol, 14.80oz

Sultan Brand Foule Mudammas Medium Fava Beans are a nutritious and delicious component for many appetizers and side dishes. You can skip the boiling and laboring over the stove, convenient and delicious, the beans can be left whole or gently mashed for Foule Mudammas, a fava bean salad with garlic, parsley, and lemon. Our ava beans have 7g of protein, 5g of fiber and they have no fat and no cholesterol. Fava beans pair well with many herbs and seasonings thus making them a perfect vehicle for appetizers like fava bean & mint bruschetta. Foule Mudammas Medium Fava Beans are one of many wonderful and authentic products by Sultan, these fava beans are imported from Egypt. The name Sultan itself conjures up the idea of greatness, which is what you can expect from our products.