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Second House Gourmet Foods Authentic Toum Creamy Garlic Dip Powder, 55 Servings, Just Add Water and Oil. 6 pack!

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Second House Gourmet Foods Authentic Toum Creamy Garlic Dip powder is simple to prepare. Just add water and vegetable oil to mix and blend in a food processor. Toum is the delicious Lebanese garlic sauce you might find inside a pita sandwich or served with chicken shawarma and fries. In addition to these traditional uses, It makes a delicious dip for chips and vegetables. Dress it up and make it your own by adding fresh minced garlic or fresh dill! This dip is 100% authentic and vegan. The powder is shelf stable for up to 24 months, and can be refrigerated covered for up to10 days once prepared. It can also be frozen for longer preservation. Enjoy over and over again for your family as each pouch has 55 servings.

Second House’s Gourmet Garlic Dip is so creamy and delicious that you wouldn’t believe it’s dairy-free and made instantly by blending with water and oil (Recommended: canola or sunflower)!
This simple and delicious dip is completely vegan.
This recipe is easily adaptable for your personal preference. Add fresh garlic or herbs of your choice!
Referred to as Toum in Lebanon, this sauce is a great accompaniment to chicken shawarma, pita sandwiches, as well as a dip for fries, chips, and vegetables!
This powder is shelf stable for up to 24 months. The prepared dip can be used for up to 10 days as long its is stored covered in the refrigerator. There are 55 servings per pouch.