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Second House Gourmet Foods Authentic Muhamara Dip Powder Mix, 60 Servings, Just Add Water and Olive Oil!

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Second House Gourmet Foods Muhamara Dip Powder Mix is a wonderfully simple way to enjoy the delicious walnut-pepper dip that’s popular throughout the Levant and Turkey. Just add water and olive oil to the powder and pulse in your food processor. Buttery and savory breadcrumbs, aromatic pomegranate molasses, tomato and a delicious blend of seasonings and spices make up this unique dip. Time saving, and economical, Second House ensures that you can have delicious, restaurant quality Muhamara without any of the trouble. The powder mix is shelf stable for 24 months. Once prepared, it can last refrigerated for 10 days covered. With only 25 calories per serving, and with 60 servings per pouch, it’s sure to become your new go-to dip to serve at large gatherings.

Muhamara is a hot pepper dip that is popular in Levantine and Turkish cuisine. Simple to prepare by blending powder mixture with water and oil!
Savory breadcrumbs, aromatic pomegranate molasses, tomato along with a delicious blend of spices make up this unique dip. This recipe is walnut free, but you can always blend in your own to add authentic flavor and creaminess.
This authentic ready made mix is time saving and economical!
Second House Gourmet Muhamara powder mix is shelf stable for up to 24 months. Refrigerate prepared mix (covered) for up to 10 days to enjoy Muhamara anytime!
Only 25 calories per serving and with 60 servings, this can become your new favorite dip to have for large gatherings!