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Rani Float Fruit Juice Drink Variety Pack, Mango, Orange, Peach, Pineapple, Imported from Dubai, Made with Real Fruit Pieces, Low Sugar 8 oz, Pack of 24

Taste the juice drink with real fruit pieces. Rani Float is a surprisingly delightful fusion of real fruit chunks in fruit juice. This fresh juice, with its rich refreshing taste would make you say WOW! So, get ready to blow out by fruit blast. Our juices are made from real fruit content and no artificial colors, so you get to taste a delightful blend of real fruit chunks and refreshing juice.

SENSORIAL FUSION: Taste the delightful fusion of real fruit chunks with refreshingly delicious fruit juice. Wowzers!
DELIGHTFUL SURPRISE: Get ready to be wowed by this extraordinary refreshing juice blend. Drink it, and you'll fall into love with Rani.
REAL FRUIT CHUNKS: Made with real fruit chunks with no artificial colors. So, you can enjoy real fruit juice content. Tastes great when chilled.
VARIRTY PACK: Enjoy mango, orange, peach and pineapple juice by following our Rani Float Drinking Ritual: SHAKE IT, DRINK IT, CHEW IT, TAP IT (to get every last fruit chunk!) for the full Rani Float experience.