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Maggi Vegetable Stock Cube (Halal) case 24x22g

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Maggi Vegetable Stock Cubes deliver delicious flavor and are certified Halal, straight from Egypt. Beyond the traditional use for broth or stock, they can be used to flavor sauteed vegetables, pasta dishes, and rice dishes. With 0 grams of trans fats and low sugar, Maggi Bouillon Cubes are a great alternative to other methods used to flavor your dishes. Quick and easy to prepare and more economical than buying ready made broth allowing you to splurge on the other ingredients you need to make your delicious meals!

Maggi Vegetable Stock Cubes are made using real vegetables and flavorful seasonings to bring life to your dishes.
Manufactured in Egypt, Maggi Stock Cubes are certified Halal making them safe to use in traditional recipes.
½ of a stock cube can be stirred until dissolved into boiling water to yield one cup of broth.
Instant flavor booster with 0g of Trans Fats and <1 grams of carbs/sugars.
Perfect in any recipe that calls for stock, broth, or bouillon. Create tasty soups, stews, and sauces!