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Castania Nuts Variety Pack, Premium Quality Nuts, Healthy Snacks with Gourmet Savory Flavor, Fresh & Tasty, 16oz (Pack of 4)

Get ready for a perfect snack mix with Castania nut mix. Raw nuts are carefully selected by experts to ensure that you get the best quality taste and perfect flavor. The variety mix includes Pistachios, Hazelnuts, Peanuts, Pumpkin Seeds, Corn, Chickpeas, Cashews, and Almonds all organic and full of minerals and vitamins. You can take it wherever you want and eat it whenever you like. Just open the pack and boost up your energy.

FRESH & FLAVORFUL: Enjoy farm fresh nuts at home with Castania variety pack. Our freshness-locked packs ensure that your favorite snacks always remain fresh for you to enjoy.
PORTABLE NUTS: These nuts are perfect for munching on at home with a cold drink or put in your bag for enjoying at schools, offices, and even during traveling!
RICH HEALTHY SNACKS: Up for some snacks, then why not eat something that’s both flavorful and healthy. These nutritious snacks are perfect for every snack time. It gives you a revitalizing boost so you can live a joyful day.
LET’S GO NUTS: These gourmet nuts are just fit for every dish. Sprinkle it over desserts, bake delicious cakes, use in salads or eat it whole; the endless options would make you Nuts!
Perfect assortment to set out when having company over or hosting a party, the vast array of tree nuts, peanuts, seeds, and legumes guarantee that there’s something for everyone in this mix.