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Castania Lebanese Melon Seeds, Small Egyptian Style Mini Melon Seeds, Snack Mix, Salted Seeds, No Added Sugars, 12oz Bag (Pack of 4)

Castania Small Seeds snack bag features melon seeds as their primary ingredient. Along with some salt and other seasoning, this unique snack is sure to satisfy with its crunchy texture. If you enjoy other Castania snack mixes or if you enjoy snacking on nuts and seeds in general, this is a great choice when you’re looking to switch it up. This perfectly seasoned snack is great for munching on while watching TV or even keep one in your car for when you’re hungry and sitting in traffic. Unlike some snacks that are packed with artificial flavors and preservatives, this is a high protein and high fiber snack that will make you feel full and satisfied instead of giving you a sugar crash. 5g of protein, 12g of fiber and no trans fats make this snack a winner!

Castania Small Seeds snack pack consists of watermelon seeds whose flavor can be described as brighter and lighter than pumpkin seeds, they fully take on the flavor of their seasoning.
This is an excellent snack for those that love to snack on nuts, pumpkin seeds, or sunflower seeds but are looking for something new.
This authentic Lebanese snack is great for snacking anytime whether you’re at home in front of the TV or you want to keep a bag in your car to snack in times of traffic.
Their crunchy texture and expert seasoning are sure to satisfy while introducing you to a new and unique flavor that you’re not likely to find on most shelves.
Not just delicious but nutritious as well, with 5g of protein, no Trans Fat, and 12g of fiber, this is a snack that makes you feel good after eating.