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Buram Honey with Nuts, Premium Quality Honey Dipped Mix Nuts with Gourmet Savory Flavor, Great for Snacking, Spread and Baking, Resealable Jar, 14 Ounce

Enjoy the sweet taste of honey with added nutrition from rich delicious nuts. Buram mixed nuts with honey is loaded with health benefits along with gourmet savory flavor. Buram gourmet nuts with honey is the thing that you need for a perfect snacking. Add it to your favorite salads, enjoy it in breakfast, ramp up your baking or eat it straight from the jar; its sweet savory flavor would make you fall in love. The resealable jar ensures that your nuts stay fresh every time you eat. This nut assortment includes peanuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, and walnuts, along with the sweetness of honey. We select premium quality nuts and blend them with sweet honey to make a wonderful combination that is super healthy and tasty. So don't just enjoy simply nuts; enjoy nuts with honey from Buram.

FRESH & FLAVORFUL: Enjoy fresh and tasty mixed nuts with Buram. With this resealable jar, you can enjoy fresh nuts with honey every time you open them.
MIXED NUT ASSORTMENT: Buram honey with nuts contains tons of rich nuts. This rich sweet assortment includes peanuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, and walnuts dipped in sweet honey.
PREMIUM QUALITY NUTS: We carefully select premium quality nuts and combine them with rich delicious honey so that you can have a wonderful snacking experience.
PERFECT FOR SNACKING: This mixed nut assortment is a perfect snacking partner. Enjoy it in breakfast, use it as a cereal, or flavor up your salads. Buram would make your snack time a perfect snack time.
HEALTHY SNACKS: Let's make your snack time healthy and sweet with rich honey dipped nuts. With these rich nutrition-filled nuts, you will feel energetic all day long.