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Al Ameed Turkish Ground Sada Coffee, Premium Arabic Coffee, Fresh & Finely Ground, 8oz

We at Al Ameed make sure that only the best reaches your home. We select premium organic coffee beans and ground them perfectly to give you the best arabica ground coffee. Every cup of our coffee lets you experience the passion of our coffee experts. We start carefully selecting the finest Arabica coffee beans, meticulously controlling the heat and air circulation during roasting for enhanced taste, and then instantly packaging the coffee to preserve the deep, rich aroma Al Ameed is famous for. We start by carefully selecting & skillfully roasting Arabica beans, then instantly pack to preserve the deep, rich aroma and freshness. So, you get the authentic Arabica Taste.

ARTFULLY BLENDED: This Arabian coffee lets you experience the art and passion behind the making of every cup. Because we don't just make a cup of coffee, we make your day.
ORIGINAL GOURMET COFFEE: This exotic blend of coffee is made from the finest coffee beans and roasted deep to bring out the rich aesthetic flavors that we are famous for.
STRONG & BOLD: This ground coffee lends itself very well with extra sweet bites. Enjoy it with date dessert, honey dessert, maamoul, and Arabic sweets.
HOT SERVED: Place Sada Coffee & water in a teapot and bring to boil. Remove heat and simmer for 15 minutes. Now pour it into a traditional coffee pot along with crushed cardamom. Serve Hot and Enjoy!
QUALITY COFFEE: We follow strict procedures to ensure that every product that reaches you is The Best of The Best. So, enjoy your organic coffee by Al Ameed.