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Date Cheesecake

Recipes Ingredients

  • 3 tbsp Butter (Melted)
  • 1 ½ cups Ginger snaps (Crushed)
  • ½ cup Graham crakers (Crushed)


Step 1

Mix graham crackers and ginger snaps with butter in a food processor until fine crumbs. Press onto a cheesecake pan. Put aside. Mix cream cheese, sugar, eggs and vanilla extract all at room temperature until creamy and well combined.

Step 2

In a separate bowl, knead the date paste with butter and spices. Pour 1/3 of cheese mix on the crust and then spread the date mix on top. Pour the rest of cheese mix. Bake on 330 F for 58 minutes.

Step 3

Open the oven and leave cheesecake inside to cool down for an hour and a half. Refrigerate for at least 6 hours. Mix sour cream with sugar and vanilla and top the cheesecake with it. Drizzle caramel sauce upon serving.